DigiMaster Speakers

The Roger DigiMaster 7000 is the standard in SoundField speakers. It stands vertically on a stand or can be wall mounted. It is portable with a speaker array of 15 speakers creating a virtual sound wall, covering up to 3000 square feet of space with crystal clear sound that “Levels” to any amount of background noise and adjusts dynamically and automatically to background noise. It is the essential speaker for every classroom, library or even gym as it can be connected to a second one that works wirelessly in a network. It also seamlessly connects with hearing aids for students wearing devices of any brand with a Roger receiver attached. 

The DigiMaster 5000 is a less featured version of the 7000 and Ossicle does not recommend it as we price it the same. Technical data for the speaker connoisseur are nonetheless attached. See for yourself, the 7000 wins!

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