The Roger Dynamic SoundField is a classroom amplification system featuring industry-leading sound performance combined with plug-and-play simplicity. Dynamic SoundField is a new generation soundfield technology with automated settings and a specially designed loudspeaker array for even distribution of the teacher’s voice in a classroom. Here you will find detailed documents to explain, support and reference Roger claims for excellence in dynamic soundfield with universal design.

Why SoundField Matters

Hearing well in a classroom setting is important for students to truly excel and have the best learning experience. Modern classrooms can make hearing challenging for children due to factors such as background noise, less than optimal room acoustics and the distance between teacher and students.

In order to overcome these everyday difficulties, sound field classroom amplification is essential. For children with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and even for children learning in their non-native language, having a system which amplifies sound via a loudspeaker has been proven to enhance their listening and learning skills. This approach also means teachers don’t need to raise their voices to be heard, therefore reducing vocal strain, hoarseness and in cases of temporary voice loss, even time off work.

The New Standard

Roger is a new wireless technology standard. Based on Roger, platforms and products will emerge over the coming years. This brochure describes the details of, and the reasoning behind, the Roger technology. Roger allows for low-delay and reliable broadband audio broadcast towards miniature low-power receivers, that can be connected to hearing instruments or cochlear implant sound processors, as well as towards Roger SoundField loudspeakers. Roger is much more than a simple digital radio system. Sophisticated adaptive algorithms at different levels in the Roger architecture give Roger a performance level which was not previously considered physically possible. At the same time, automatic features and simple pairing concepts make management and use of Roger systems very easy.

Improved Speech Recognition

A study by Dr. Jace Wolfe of Hearts for Hearing in Oklahoma found that a Roger Dynamic SoundField system with a single loudspeaker unit resulted in significantly better speech recognition at higher noise levels than a fixed-gain sound field system with four loudspeakers placed strategically in a classroom. Dynamic SoundField is not a fixed-gain system but adjusts its volume setting automatically depending on the classroom noise level. Furthermore, the patching of a fixed-gain sound field system with the microphone unit of an adaptive (Dynamic or Roger) personal ear-level receiver system created a significant drop in performance and should therefore be avoided.

Teacher Ratings

Rina Simonchoni, Teacher, SD23, KLO Middle School, Kelowna BC:

"I was lucky to have the system because it saved me this year. I came back from work with my concussion and was working part time, it wasn’t a strain to give instructions or overuse my voice. It gets the attention of the class quickly and helps them to focus. I’ve used other systems before and this is the best I’ve ever had for sure. There was one time when I was recovering from illness and couldn’t get rid of my sore throat and dry cough, and it was such a saviour for that so I didn’t have to strain my voice. You guys have probably made one of my most challenging years easier because of personal health issues. It saved my voice. Thank you so much for letting me use this system!

In this study, teachers at a primary school in New Zealand, used Roger Dynamic SoundField in their classrooms for an average of two months. They then each completed a questionnaire of 13 targeted questions with a response rate of 100%. The teachers reported a significant improvement in student performance when using Roger Dynamic SoundField, their own vocal strain was reduced, it was quieter in class, the equipment was easy to use and the sound quality was highly rated.

Why Dynamic?

Unlike traditional sound field systems with fixed-gain settings, Dynamic SoundField automatically varies the gain of the loudspeaker with changes in the ambient noise level. Goal of this dynamic behaviour is to improve speech intelligibility of the teacher’s voice especially when noise levels increase in class, but at the same time to offer a comfortable volume during more quiet moments.

Roger Dynamic Outperforms Fixed Gain Systems

Roger outperforms fixed gain systems, which are all other systems (Lightspeed, Front Row, Simeon). Here is a Study by Dr Jace Wolfe to explain the benefits of the Roger Soundfield System over traditional FM and infra-red systems.

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